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Now you can enjoy your still drink for longer with the new 1.5L bottle. That's right! Your favourite drink now arrives in a familiar format which promise to be more convenient for your daily life.

And what's more... we've gone crazy! As a launch offer and for a short period of time, you can get the new 1.5L bottle of lemon & lime flavour and combine it with one of our 24 cans packs for only 30€.

To sum up, this pack is formed by:

  • 4 bottles of lemon & lime flavour
  • 24 cans of any of our packs

Do you have people at home? Dehydrated? Want to have a snack? Feeling sick? Tired of doing sport? RAW is your perfect choice for all types of consumers, from children to the oldest ones, as it is completely healthy.

RAW is the quintessential Organic Drink: still, 0% added sugar, loaded with electrolytes, suitable for vegans and coeliacs. We have the answer for those who want to rehydrate in a 100% healthy way, for those who are looking for an organic, clean and functional drink adapted to their lifestyle. Invest in health with the world's number one organic isotonic drink.