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We present a unique jersey born from the union of two brands strongly linked to cycling, RAW™ and GOBIK™.

A Second Edition to celebrate the return to the road, resulting in one of GOBIK's most technical and striking designs to date. Aerodynamic performance and design inspired by RAW colours combined with cycling tradition.

Its unique combination of fabrics allows for reduced aerodynamic drag on the back and sleeves with a textured fabric, while the smooth back promotes airflow.

Features: Aero | Ultra Fit
Wearing Range: 22ºC to 38ºC


This product also includes our Orange & Mango pack!

The 4 best isotonic drinks on the market in a single pack of 12 bottles! Rehydrate yourself every day with a different flavour but always in a clean and functional way, with no artificial ingredients or added sugars.

RAW is the number one ORGANIC isotonic sports drink in the world and uses only organic superfruits such as açai or red berries, and totally organic and natural ingredients such as coconut water and sea salt for its production. The origin of our ingredients (entirely plant-based and organic) is guaranteed by the traceability of the European Union's organic label. It is also suitable for coeliacs and vegans.