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We are glad to present you the new Maillot RAW TEAM by GOBIK, a unique maillot born from the union of two brands strongly linked to cycling such as RAW™ and GOBIK™. (See shipping policies for PREORDER items here)

A Limited Edition to celebrate the return to the road, resulting in one of GOBIK's most technical and impactful designs to date. Aerodynamic performance and design inspired by the RAW colours combined with cycling tradition.

Its unique combination of fabrics allows for reduced aerodynamic drag on the back and sleeves with a textured fabric, while the smooth back favours airflow.

RAW is the healthiest sports drink: non-carbonated, 0% added sugar, loaded with electrolytes, suitable for vegans and celiacs... Choose your flavour! 24 cans for you

Properties: Unisex | Perfect Fit
Usage Range: 20ºC a 38ºC - UPF 30


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