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MMR pack

Raw Super Drink

At Raw we only bring you the best. With this new pack you will not only feel strong thanks to our isotonic drink but you will also have the best equipment to go out and practice your favourite sport.

MMR is a brand that specialises in the world of cycling. The new Sportful FRT Team Replica t-shirt is a new project developed from scratch.

This pack consists of:
  • 1 pack of Lemon & Lime
  • 1 pack of Orange & Mango
Description: sleeves in mesh fabric with raw edges, shoulder seam positioned further back and three pockets at the back with elastic at the bottom of the garment. The fabric used on the front is polyester, while the fabric on the side panels and pockets offers increased breathability so that the jersey is perfect even on the hottest days.

Colecciones: Clothing EN

Tipo: Bebidas isotónicas y energéticas

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