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We make it easier for you to buy online the first organic isotonic drink on the market. RAW Organic Sport Drink is created with only organic and nutritionally functional ingredients, without additives or added sugars: 100% natural and healthy. Recover the mineral salts and electrolytes that you lose while doing sport and take care of your body for real. Place your order now and we’ll take it home in less than 48 hours.

Pack of 12 bottles of 500 ml. Raw Super Drink mix of organic lemon and organic lime. Recharge your energy in a functional way and maintain the demands of your physical activity thanks to a combination full of vitamins and minerals. Pure freshness and rehydration.

Pack of 12 bottles of 500 ml. based on the citric power of the mandarin and the functional properties of the mango. Feel all the intensity and flavor of two truly natural superfruits and recharge your body to the maximum with Raw Super Drink.

Discover the most authentic taste of Raw Super Drink, with the pack of 12 bottles of 500 ml Strawberry & Mint. The perfect blend of the energetic properties of organic strawberry and the refreshing power of natural mint, recharge in a healthy way!

All the antioxidant properties of superfruits such as açai and blueberries, together with the mineral salts and electrolytes of organic coconut water and baobab. Don’t let sweat and exhaustion stop you and recharge naturally with Raw Super Drink.

Our 4 flavours of sports isotonic drink exclusively on sale online. The Multisabor pack is the best option for athletes who need to recover organically and want to discover unique flavors. Discover now the ecological and healthy isotonic drink that is revolutionizing sports hydration. Sport Lover? Just Raw!

There is no other brand of isotonic drinks that you can buy online so easily and that is 100% organic, organic and sugar-free. Raw Super Drink is a sports drink loaded with electrolytes, so it reactivates you when you need it most. We were born to hydrate a new generation of athletes and athletes who demanded a healthy, clean and functional hydration to continue doing sport and recharge their energy.

Best Isotonic Drinks

There are many different brands of drinks that call themselves isotonic but are nothing more than soft drinks or juices with a lot of sugar. Isotonic drinks should be designed to help athletes and athletes rehydrate in a completely healthy way. However, the vast majority are just a bunch of products full of additives, preservatives and colorants, flavor enhancers and sugar, lots of sugar. The reality is that the best isotonic drinks are those that, like Raw Super Drink, only use 100% ecological, organic and natural products. Those that renounce the use of sugar and bet for a clean, healthy and functional rehydration. Raw Super Drink is one of the best isotonic drinks on the market (actually, it’s the best!) because it puts the health of the sportsman in the foreground. It is heavy for you to rehydrate in a completely natural way and to replace the electrolytes you lose when you do sport without additives. That’s why we include superfruits in our production, coconut water, baobab or 100% organic sea salt, so you can have maximum confidence that you’re consuming a healthy, ecological and nutritionally adequate isotonic drink. In addition, RAW is suitable for vegans and coeliacs and its taste is incredibly fresh, can you ask for anything else?

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Which isotonic drink is best for sports?

Many times we think that water only serves to hydrate us when we do sport. Of course, drinking water helps, but water alone cannot replace the electrolytes you lose when you sweat, nor all the mineral salts. When you do an intense sporting activity, your body sweats and you need to adapt your nutrition to this new requirement. With sweat we lose electrolytes, which are minerals present in our body and have great importance for the proper functioning of the muscular system. For this reason, without adequate rehydration, cramps -and even the most severe muscular lesions- are frequent when doing intense sports. Highly sugary isotonic drinks are a risk to your health. Not only do they not rehydrate you properly, but they also increase your intake of sugar and carbohydrates in a brutal way, promoting serious pathologies. It is important to have this information in order to make the right choice. Raw Super Drink is an isotonic drink and completely organic, which does not use added sugars and rehydrates you in the best possible way when you’re doing sports.


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Benefits of superfruits


Superfruits are the most organic branch of superfoods and organic products. If you’re looking for truly functional and healthy foods, full of vitamins, minerals and essential acids, super organic fruits are the best you can find. Every gram is pure energy, they are filled with antioxidants that improve everything about your body in an incredibly effective way (and when we say everything, we mean exactly that: everything from the heart system to flexibility, from digestion to weight or mood regulation).

Adequate and healthy nutrition is truly noticeable at all levels, organic foods are essential to achieve this and, within these, superfruits have a preferential place. Many organic shops online already have their own superfruit section, where you can find açai, blueberries or baobab … we offer you a drink that has all the benefits of superfruits, to rehydrate you in the best possible way when you do the physical activity you like.

What fruits can a diabetic eat?

Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects millions of people worldwide, so it is necessary to know what fruits a diabetic can eat. We are going to explain it in a simple way because we don’t want to be like a crazy professor either, okay… you see, diabetics have very high levels of sugar in their blood. Your body is not capable of producing insulin normally, and this hormone is what is used to transform glucose (sugar, so we understand each other) into energy. When the body stops producing this hormone in a normal way, diabetes appears. Diabetes is dangerous because, not being able to metabolize (what a word!) glucose, a high intake of sugar can have extremely serious consequences on those who suffer from it (the most frequent are problems in the blood vessels and heart, neurological failures and eye problems). Therefore, diabetics have to be especially careful when consuming sugar-free drinks (and make sure that they are really sugar-free drinks! and encourage the consumption of adequate food and fruit in their diet.



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There are two different types of diabetes, type 1 diabetes, which usually appears in childhood and which, to put it simply, has to do with genetics (it’s like “touching” you, go) and type 2 diabetes, which usually appears in people over 40 with unhealthy lifestyle habits and which is a real plague (that’s why it’s so important to always consume sugar-free drinks and promote an adequate diet, including fruits and vegetables). The irruption of industrial sugar in our diet has been one of the great triggers of this epidemic of diabetes in the Western world. Soft drinks, counterfeit isotonic drinks that are nothing more than sugar and high-sugar energy drinks have scandalously contributed to the spread of diabetes. Raw Super Drink is an isotonic drink without sugar for diabetics, based on organic products and fruits and very suitable for consumption in people who suffer from it.

Yes, food, as always, is key to the prevention and treatment of diabetes. Some diabetics are even able to treat themselves through their diet alone. Not everyone can, of course, but many type 2 diabetics, with a very careful diet, manage to do so. Obviously, they only consume drinks and food with no added sugars and they have a nutritionally adequate diet, in which the consumption of fruit plays a key role.

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Fruit is one of the best sources of glucose for our organism, and the super fruits (like açai and blueberries that we use in Raw Super Drink) even more so, although some myths point out that diabetics should not eat fruit, the reality is completely different. Except for some exceptions that have a high sugar content (such as grapes and papaya), fruit consumption is very suitable for the treatment – and prevention – of diabetes.

A major study by the University of Oklahoma’s Department of Science concluded that mango consumption helps prevent obesity and type 2 diabetes. Also to treat them. Another super-recommended fruit for diabetics is strawberries, which have a very low amount of sugar and are full of vitamins and antioxidants. Mandarin, oranges, red fruits… all these fruits can be incorporated into the diet of diabetics and help them in a brutal way. Raw Super Drink is a sugar-free drink also ideal for diabetics. 100% organic, isotonic and ecological, it has only 14 calories and nothing (but nothing) of added sugar. We use only the highest quality organic ingredients (such as coconut water, sea salt or organic baobab) and lots of super fruits in our production, and in the end, of course, that shows.

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