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We make it easier for you to buy RAW Superdrink online. RAW is the first organic & isotonic drink in the global market. RAW Organic Sport Drink is made with organic and nutritionally functional ingredients, 100% natural, healthy and of course with no additives or added sugars. Replenish the mineral salts and electrolytes you lose when doing sport and take care of your body.

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Which is the best isotonic drink for sports?

We often believe that water is only to hydrate us when we do sport. Of course, drinking water helps, but water alone cannot replace the electrolytes you lose when you sweat, nor all the mineral salts. When you do an intense sport activity, your body sweats and you need to adapt your nutrition to this new requirement. When we sweat we lose electrolytes and electrolytes are minerals which are present in our body and they are very important for the proper functioning of the muscular system. For this reason, without an adequate rehydration, you will be likely to suffer from cramps or more severe muscular lesions, especially when doing intense sports. Sugary isotonic drinks are a health risk. Not only do they not rehydrate you properly, but they also substantially increase your sugar and carbohydrates intake, leading to serious pathologies. It is important to have this information in order to make the right choice. Raw Super Drink is a completely organic isotonic drink, with no added sugars and with an incredible hydrating power.

Benefits of superfruits

 Superfruits are the most organic branch of superfoods and organic products. If you’re looking for truly functional and healthy foods, full of vitamins, minerals and essential acids, super organic fruits are definitely the best choice. Every gram of them is pure energy, they are filled with antioxidants that improve everything about your body functioning in an incredibly effective way (and when we say everything, we mean EVERYTHING: from the heart system to flexibility, from digestion to weight control).

Adequate and healthy nutrition is truly advantageous at all levels, organic foods are essential to achieve this but superfruits takes the honors. Many organic shops online already have their own superfruit section, where you can find açai, blueberries or baobab. So, we offer you a drink that has all the benefits of superfruits and also rehydrates you in the best possible manner when you work out.

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