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Where can you find RAW?

At RAW, we are convinced that a different kind of hydration and more responsible consumption is possible. That is why we have created the first BIO isotonic based on organic ingredients that take care of your health and the planet.

Our mission is simple: to refresh, hydrate and take care of you.With this philosophy, we are gradually expanding our community and reaching further and further afield to be closer to you. We have a consolidated presence in large national and regional supermarkets, and more and more small businesses are taking on board our motto #YOBEBOSALUD.

All of them, complemented by our online shop and other platforms such as Amazon. In addition, small businesses can also buy RAW through our website, without intermediaries and with company advantages.

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We are in more than 4,000 points of sale, that's a lot of places and addresses.

Ask our Community on our Instagram or Twitter account and she will do a personalised search for the closest places to you where to buy RAW.

Don't be shy! It's better to ask than to be left waiting ;)