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Our runners, surfers and pilots love this new organic mandarin and mango drink. We were looking to create a new category of sports drinks that will charge you with electrolytes and help you keep going when you need it most, rehydrating you in a completely healthy and organic way. Now with a free canister.

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Re-hydrate your body and mind with our other isotonic drink packs for sports or enjoyment.

Lima & lemon

Where others stop, you continue. Rehydrate in the healthiest, most organic way with the 12-bottle lemon-lime pack. 100% ecological and totally healthy. The isotonic drink you were waiting for.

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Starter pack

Do you need energy to keep going? Pack of 12 bottles with 3 of each Raw Super Drink flavor. Rehydrate yourself with a new taste every day but always in a healthy way. Suitable for vegans and coeliacs. Just Raw.

Strawberry & mint

Pack of 12 bottles with strawberry and mint flavour. Organic strawberries, organic mint and a lot of super fruits. Coconut water and sea salt. Zero sugars. Much more than a healthy isotonic drink, a way of life.

Blueberry & Acai

Let yourself be seduced by the super fresh taste and antioxidant properties of red fruits with the pack of 12 bottles flavored blueberries and açai. Maximum rehydration when you need it most.

What’s a super drink?

We’re a super drink! And it’s not that we wear a cape or anything like that, it’s that we comply with a series of requirements that make us unique, look at our quality seals, from the BIO of the European Union to the ECO Friendly for the use of 100% recycled components. But what makes us fall into the category of superbeverage are, above all, the ingredients we use in our production, completely organic and of the highest quality, with superfruits such as blueberry or açai, organic coconut water, sea salt, baobab or guarana.

Only by doing things with such seriousness and affection we manage to create a superdrink that recharges you before, during and after sport, which is suitable for vegans and coeliacs, and does not have any added sugar. Raw Super Drink is a healthy and nutritionally functional drink created to help you in your physical activity without improving your health. That’s why we are Super.

ecological drink

electrolyte sports drinks

Gluten Free Drink Suitable for Celiacs

Celiac disease has only one possible treatment, at least in the current situation: a gluten-free diet. Actually, it should not be a big problem because gluten has no nutritional value, it is a protein found in the seed of some cereals and celiac disease is, in short, a strong intolerance to this protein.

The use of gluten in the food industry is mainly due to lower costs. For Raw Super Drink the most important thing is to get a product 100% ecological and healthy and of an insurmountable quality. Therefore, we use only superfruits and organic ingredients completely gluten-free.

Whether you are celiac or have freely decided to eat a gluten-free diet, Raw Super Drink is for you too.

Healthy Drinks

Beverage for diabetics

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases in the world and is frequently associated with hypercaloric and highly sugary mainstream isotonic beverages that prioritize marketing over health. Sincerely, these drinks are the opposite of Raw Super Drink, have a high content of added sugars and use ingredients called space satellites.

Therefore, Raw Super Drink is not just another isotonic drink. We help you recharge and replace the mineral salts and electrolytes you lose when you sweat doing sports without resorting to sugar, using only 100% organic and healthy products, such as coconut water, superfruits (açai, blueberries, mango …) and baobab. The result is an isotonic drink without added sugars and hypocaloric completely suitable for people suffering from diabetes.

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Drink for vegans and vegetarians

Yes, we know it’s a flip, but believe it or not, most brands of drinks you see on TV or on your Instagram are not suitable for vegans or vegetarians. What?! But if it’s a drink, you say. Yeah. It’s strange, but in the mainstream world of food these things happen, and what seems to be one thing ends up being another. Raw Super Drink is different from the rest and uses only organic products and 100% natural in its preparation.

Our raison d’être is to do things right. A quality product and completely healthy, that helps a new generation of athletes to recover from exercise without risking their health, and as we do not use ingredients of animal origin, you can also try us 😉

Properties of Tangerine and Mango

Mandarin is a beastly source of vitamins A, B and C. It is also full of mineral salts, such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, which is why it helps to recharge the electrolytes you lose when you play sports. In many Eastern cultures tangerine is even a symbol of good luck and is given away during the New Year to wish for prosperity. It’s cool. Combining mandarin with the mango and the rest of super fruits and 100% organic and ecological ingredients from Raw, we manage to offer you an extremely powerful and completely healthy rehydration. Mango is an authentic nutritional marvel that, in addition to bringing a mild and unique taste to our isotonic drink, improves acidity, helps digestion and reduce weight, reduces blood pressure and is good for the liver and bones. Seriously, does anyone give more? ????

What are superfruits?

If you search for “superfruits” on Google you will find a lot of information about the properties of a set of fruits (some quite exotic actually) with a lot of vitamins, minerals and mind-blowing antioxidant properties. When you do sports and sweat you lose a lot of electrolytes and mineral salts, which increase tiredness and fatigue and cause muscle failure. Super fruits such as mango or açai, with an extremely high content of vitamins and minerals, serve to reduce the negative effects of intense or prolonged physical activity on the body. For this reason, Raw Super Drink helps you to continue doing what motivates you most completely saludable????


properties of tangerine and mango

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