Our great challenge was to create the benchmark organic isotonic drink on the market. And also to make it suitable for children, the elderly, vegans and coeliacs.

Why? Because we are very aware of the real problem of health, overweight and related illnesses caused by the disproportionate doses of sugar contained in many sugary foods and drinks in Spain and around the world. That's why, although many brands prefer to keep their recipes a secret, we are VERY PROUD to tell the world about it.

Only ingredients from ecological origin

To achieve our purpose we needed to use functional and completely healthy foods. That's why, among the ingredients of RAW Super drink, we can say that you won't find any sweeteners, colourings, preservatives or artificial flavours. We use only hand-selected fruits and completely organic ingredients to be able to offer a super drink that adapts to different lifestyles, all with one thing in common: to be as healthy as possible.

Why can we say this? Because we have the ECO seal of the European Union. This seal certifies that all our ingredients come from 100% organic farming and that no artificial ingredients were used in their production.

Enjoy the refreshing taste of lemon & lime, specially designed for those moments when thirst is choking you. The fruits it contains are a source of vitamin C, fibre, potassium and magnesium, providing an electrolyte recharge to help keep your health in good shape.

The properties of orange & mango are endless. Being a source of vitamin C, among many others, this option will be very refreshing in your day to day life. While eating, watching a movie, exercising, chatting with your friends... It's always a good time!

El sabor arándanos & açaí está hecho especialmente para los más dulces de la casa. Contiene una carga de antioxidantes extra por su contenido en frutos rojos. Resulta muy bueno para deporte de baja intensidad como el yoga, o para cualquier momento en el que quieras asombrar.

What does RAW do for you?

No added sugars

For the World Health Organisation, sugar is public enemy number one. For us too. That's why we only use natural sugars in the manufacture of RAW and use only top quality organic fruit.

The reality is that high blood sugar levels and the symptoms of diabetes are sadly present in our society. That's why we wanted to create a real alternative to all the drinks on the market. We can assure you that RAW does not contain any added sugar.

Electrolyte Source for Athletes

RAW hits your dehydration after your favourite sport by replenishing the electrolytes and mineral salts you lose when you sweat organically and functionally.

Electrolytes are a group of minerals present in our body that are important for everything to work well inside. That's why staying well hydrated is essential when you do sport or at any other time because it helps to avoid injuries. But drinking water alone doesn't help replenish them. A new generation of athletes was crying out for an isotonic drink that would meet their expectations.