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Paula García

Paula Garcia, born in Gijón, Asturias, is 20 years old. She is currently studying for a competitive examination, where she has had to pass physical tests and dedicate a lot of time to training while combining it with her studies, demonstrating discipline, perseverance and motivation.

She defines herself as a passionate about nature and sport. Her father taught her to ski when she was 4 years old and, since then, she has practised several other sports. From surfing, which she practised and competed in championships in Asturias and Spain for several years, to mountain trekking, where there is not a weekend that she is not on a summit.

On rainy days she usually spends her time at the local rock climbing wall, in short, her day to day life is all about being connected to nature and of course doing sport. For her it is a lifestyle that she recommends to everyone because of the many benefits it generates!

"I can't imagine my life without sports"

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