Aleix bets on RAW and health

RAW teams up with Aleix Espargaró to change the world of sports drinks. The first BIO drink for athletes was born to change the rules of the game.

#BelieveInYourself is the motto that always accompanies Aleix Espargaró in everything he does, inside and outside the racing world. The MotoGP World Championship rider has spent years rubbing shoulders with the best riders in the world because he has always believed in his possibilities, dedicating many hours to improve in hisday to day life.

Perseverance is the key to his success and, despite not always having a winning motorbike, he won the 125cc Spanish Championship in 2004, as well as his first podium in the Moto2 World Championship at the Catalunya Grand Prix in 2011 .

In the highest category of motorcycling, the MotoGP World Championship, Aleix achieved a podium at the Aragon Grand Prix in 2014 and was proclaimed CRT World Champion (MotoGP Open category) in 2013.

Changing the rules of the game

 The entry of RAW Superdrink into the MotoGP environment is good news in a context (the motor world) traditionally marked by unhealthy brand advertising. We are different from everything that has been done so far and we also want to make a before and after in MotoGP advertising, opening a new path to other types ofhealthy brands that are (just as we are) willing to respond to a new generationof well-informed and truly engaged consumers and athletesconcerned about health and wellness. Aleix´s favourite RAW flavor? Definitely he bets onRAW lemon lime.

Why RAW?

Truth is that Aleix was excited when he found a drink on the market that truly responded to his needs as an athlete and that was perfectly adapted to him.

Until the appearance of RAW, it was impossible to find a 100% organic sports drink on the shelf. That is why Aleix was so motivated when he found an isotonic drink that helped him recover and rehydrate in a completely healthy way after riding in MotoGP or going out to ride a bicycle. That was indeed the best of all: RAW Superdrink is completely organic and natural, with no added sugars or "E" additives on its label.

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