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Movistar Team's Official Isotonic Drink

Discover why one of the best cycling teams has trusted their hydration to the first BIO sport drink in the world and get a sport bottle for free!

Why has Movistar Team chosen RAW?

Movistar Team wants to keep winning and redefined their goals to have new untold victories till the date. The best cycling team in Spain and one of the tops in the world just wants to find an overall improvement with everything regarding. Rooting for RAW as the official provider for Movistar team works to keeppushing in that line.

As everything that is around cycling andas unbelievable as it is, RAW Superdrink and Movistar Team’s history has a“romantic” tone to it that distances itself from a merely commercial partnership. Movistar Team cyclist could taste Raw Superdrink from the hand of one of the best ambassadors and fans of RAW at their casual rides at the Pyrenees ports during the preseason, the result from that tasting was simply incredible: the cyclist turned out to be mesmerised by the product .

RAW differs from any other isotonic drinks because we don't use any artificial products nor added sugars , we use 100% ecological and nutritional functional ingredients, that's why Movistar pros want us to be always in their hands allthe time.

When some Movistar cyclists commented about the possibility to count with RAW to the experts in nutrition from theteam, the idea to include us as the official provider for the team was unbeatable. After all, our drink is completely healthy with very functional results and helps significantly during sports recovery.

Thanks to that spontaneous approach ahistoric agreement for RAW Superdrink occurred. Making our brand closer tocycling in the best way possible: by getting inside an international cycling squad and hydrating the “roosters” of Movistar team.

A new Movistar team  

The changes made in the Movistar team inthe past season has been astounding in fact half of the runners from Movistarteam debut on the team in 2020.

Revolution is everything, moreoverbecause we do not talk about any team. There is no doubt then when we refer toMovistar team, we're talking about one of the most relevant cycling teams andmore powerful squads. We cannot forget that the team was number one on the UCIranking between 2013 in 2016 and the best team in the Tour and Giro in 2020.

Besides, Movistar team doubles the betwith the feminine cycling team that has been made to be the best woman cyclingteam in the world for 2021

“The hydration is a key factor for sports performance and RAW adapts to what we need” Enric Mas

Mas and Valverde: Youth and Experience

Alejandro Valverde, "el Bala” (The Bullet) keeps playing a main role on the team, both to get victories as to giving a helping hand to the new blood in the team.

On a sports level, Alejandro Valverde has an eye put on the Tokyo Olympics, and again, in the world championship. Two races with a profile that adapts well with his tremendous qualities and thatare their main goals for the 2021 season.

Alejandro Valverde ¡with 42 years! knows better than anyone the international calendar secrets and for the youngest to be able to share the busand team with an authentic legend that is inside one of the top 25 cyclists of all time according to the UCI -and the third one active!- is much more than inspiring: It’s a constant professional racing PHD.

This new Movistar Team era, is without adoubt,  a full bet towards the future, with a ton of young racers among the lines and in between them, we have tohigh light the phenomenal Enric Mas – that will have to put up with thegreat pressure he has from the high stakes he rose from previous seasons -.

It is common knowledge that Eric Mars isan exceptional racer. One of the chosen ones. One of those rare cyclists thathas everything it needs to put impose himself on the during the great races inthree weeks.

Movistar Team got it like that and wants to face next one of the biggest sport challenges: winning the Tour du France.

Also, other young boys like Marc Soler and the Asturian Iván Cortina, will give alternatives to the telephonic group towards the victory phases, other big races, and the spring classics.

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