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Rudy Fernández, 6,43 feet of pure RAW

With two silver and one bronze olympic medals, two world championships and three european titles, apart from many other achievements at a club level, Rudy is one of the most succesful players of the spanish history.

He occupies the shooting guard or forward positions and characters for his exterior shooting of two and three points, his speed in the displacements, a huge jump ball and his rebound ability.

He was born in a basketball lover family. His parents were professionals and his mother competed in the Spanish Selection. As a result, his sister Marta and himself started to be interested in basketball, showing the talent they both had.

Rudy played as a NBA player for 4 seasons, from 2008 to 2012, three of them in the Portland Trail Blazers and the last with the Denver Nuggets. In summer of 2012, at the end of the season in Denver, Rudy finished his stage in the best league of the world and signed with Real Madrid unitl today.

In RAW, we can't be more proud of having an international star like Rudy, who trust in us for his daily hidratation.

"raw make me feel more comfortable in every match"

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