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24 cans Duo Pack Orange & Açai


Enjoy the combination of 12 cans of Orange & Mango and 12 cans of Blueberry & Açai. No fizzy drinks, 0% added sugar, loaded with electrolytes, suitable for vegans and celiacs. We have the answer for those who want to rehydrate in a 100% healthy way, for those who are looking for an organic, clean and functional drink adapted to their lifestyle.

Rehydrate yourself every day with a different flavour but always in a healthy way, 0% added sugar. Using only organic super fruits such as açai or berries, and completely organic and natural ingredients such as coconut water and sea salt, we can offer you the best isotonic drinks on the market.

In addition, all our flavours are suitable for vegans, celiacs, children and pregnant women. Rehydrate in a healthy way after your favourite sport, on your way to the office or playing with your children. Recharge your electrolytes with the favourite sports and isotonic drink of a new generation of athletes and sportsmen and women seeking a healthy, organic lifestyle with 0% added sugars.

This flavoured pack of organic isotonic drinks is only sold online.

RAW is made only with organic ingredients and organic superfruits. That's why it has the organic seal of the European Union.

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