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Cycling fans, we have good news: the new Culotte Corto Absolute RAWxGobik are now available!

Now, in addition to the Maillot with the design you had decided, you can complete your outfit with our own cycling shorts.


  • Properties: Intense Trainings
  • Use Range: 17ºC to 35ºC
  • Pad: K10

Designed to deliver professional performance without sacrificing comfort and durability, it is a racing bib short with excellent compression, comfort and lightweight qualities. Its TXR side panels make it adapt to each of the rider's movements.

What are you waiting for to get one and hit the road? Trust the quality and commitment to the sport from two great brands that love cycling, RAW and Gobik.

RAW is the healthiest sports drink: non-carbonated, 0% added sugar, loaded with electrolytes, suitable for vegans and celiacs...
Choose your flavour! 24 cans for you

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