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Pozuelo Artistic Gymnastics Club

The Pozuelo Artistic Gymnastics Club is a sports club whose main mission is to educate children in the values of sport, providing them with tools for life that will help them to grow and become responsible adults.

The basis of their gymnastics lies in their values. From the respect between gymnasts, the commitment involved in preparing for a competition and attending training sessions on a continuous basis, and the day-to-day improvement to face the different challenges that this sport entails. Finally, support and teamwork in training, where challenges, fears, victories and overcoming, among many other things, arise and are undoubtedly faced or enjoyed much better if you have a team behind you supporting you. In order to work on these values, coaching dynamics are included in the training sessions to help them understand and put them into practice.

Artistic gymnastics is a sport that requires strength, flexibility and agility. It has different apparatus and requires constant work and dedication. A positive attitude is the first step to get on any of the apparatus.

In addition, the club has a project underway with a very clear objective: to have a Chadian woman participate in the 2024 Olympic Games. Right now, five Chadian girls are training in Pozuelo, learning gymnastics and studying in a local school, with a scholarship from the club. Every day it becomes clearer to them that they are capable of doing great things!

Why RAW?

RAW Super Drink, like us, is committed to the athletes by offering a healthy drink. Thanks to this collaboration, their gymnasts will be well hydrated during training and will be able to become aware of how important it is to take care of what you drink, especially if you do a sport like gymnastics.


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