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RAW is the drink that best represents Willyrex, one of the most influential Spanish-speaking content creators in the world. An extraordinary professionalism, together with commitment and imagination, have made the videosof Willyrex playing Call of Duty or Fortnite accumulate millions of views. Together with TheGrefg, Willyrex promotes a new, organic, and healthy hydrationway in the world of e-sports. Here is comes The Gamer RAW!


Still don't know Willyrex?

If you are already a follower of  Willyrex (and it is more than likely that you are, because it has more than 15million followers only on YouTube) you will know very well that it takes careof every detail. It shows in his videos and it also shows in his unwavering commitment to upload a video a day to his channel, rain or shine, since day one!

That is why Willyrex has decided totrust Raw Superdrink, the first organic and healthy isotonic drink associated with the world of video games. Raw Superdrink provides the hydration necessaryto withstand the demanding pace of content creators or that of gamers, and itdoes so in a completely healthy way. Good hydration is key to keeping yourbrain on fire, but when the demands are high, good hydration is not achievedwith water alone (and much less with energy drinks and fake isotonic full ofsugar). To hit it on YouTube for years you need to always be connected and keepup with the rhythm, and for that you will need to take care of your habits andstay well hydrated.

Willyrex's Secret

Yep, doesn't it sound incredible to “smashit on YouTube”? It might even seem easy, as if it were unlocking the phone to upload a story… but it’s so far from the truth! Achieving more than 15 million followers on your channel, like Willyrex’s, is nothing but easy and it is something that cannot be achieved without giving it a lot of effort.

Willyrex started uploading videos playing Play when he managed to get through a difficult game and things likethat. Of course, we talked about many years before he could grow a beard and go a tee. He would get up an hour before going to class to prepare his video, and although he had very few visitors at first, that did not discourage him or make him consider quitting. Willyrex continued to rock YouTube every day, full ofideas, full of creativity and a lot of imagination, but also with a lot ofeffort and desire. No secrets, only hard work!

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