Grefg’s drink is RAW and its the first isotonic drink for gamers that counts with the support of two big youtubers as WillyRex and ThreGrefg himself are.

Why don't you try it and discovered byyourself the graph is much more than a professional gamer creator of majorsuccess in the Spanish speaking area thanks to his professionalism strengthmental strength in his continuous search for developing the best videos thathis mind can imagine.

“RAW Is perfect for rehydration after being in front of the computer for hours or doing sports “ TheGrefg

Who is TheGrefg?

TheGrefg is a box of surprises you can see him shouting at his videos, but in person not only he gets upset he also gets happy. He likes to listen to those who speak about unknown things topics.He can be impulsive, but he knows how to give advice. He is a passionate communicator that tattooed the date of the creation of his channel afterr eaching 10 million subscribers. He is a RAW youtuber, as the word itself describes, and for that he has joined to the digital adventure of the first organic sports drink of the world: RAW Superdrink

He knocks it out of the park in YouTube and although you might think that is something very simple and that anybody could do it  also demands a mix of perseverance, hard work and effort and a sacrifice capacity in fighting forreaching big goals. It is easy to give up when you have made a dozen of videosin nobody follows you hard to keep creating knowing that at the end there is agoal like any elite athletes. To play more and do more videos you need to be correctly hydrated and honey giving your brain what he needs to drink even morethan your own body.

Why RAW?

Due to the number of hours and passion that demands to create quality content, The Grefg is constantly aware of the need tohydrate. If you take your brain to the limits to record an edit the best videospossible your reflex and abilities diminish.

You need to compensate that fast lose and that's why RAW Superdrink is right isotonic drink to hydrate during videogame sessions, but if we need to be true to reality, what really happened isthat the drink blowed his mind that and made that next Willyrex decided to join the RAW team to be part of the first ecological isotonic drink in the world.

bebida oficial de thegrefg

The beverage everybody wants

Inspired by the success of the firstyoutubers, Grefg said to himself I came to make it in front 2016 initiated thisexponential growth the year he had been duplicated his fanbase currentlycounting with more than 20,000,000 followers in all his different channels 

After joining as a partner with Team Hereticshe also turned himself as a e-sports referent. Having 27 months as a club whenthe Grefg joined the project and signed a contract on a train. One of theinteresting factors for Grefg to join Team Heretics was that it was about asmall club made by young people competing against big teams with stronginvestments behind. David and Goliath´s battle.

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