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Oriana Mora

Oriana Mora (@cristii_fit on Instagram), RAW ambassador, is an influencer and nutrition consultant originally from Caracas, Venezuela, but currently based in Spain.

Organisation, empathy and discipline are some of the qualities that define her. From a very young age she began to be passionate about cooking thanks to the influence of her grandmother, who introduced her on the culinary art.

Growing up, she became aware of the importance of macronutrients in meals and how vital physical activity is for human beings. For this reason, she started a healthier and more active lifestyle, which attracted the attention of those around her. This fact allowed her to form groups that put her habits into practice.

Full of information, experience and passion, she decided to become a professional in Nutrition and Dietetics and together with a Master in Nutritional Coaching she managed to position her consultancies as "CRISTIFIT", where she guides for 21 days, hundreds of women and men around the world with the intention of improving their lives, offering a healthy lifestyle and sustainable eating over time.

"A good diet and sports are the best ways to keep healthy"

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