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The world's number one organic sports drink conquers Formula1 . Fernando Alonso shows hiscommitment to a healthy lifestyle , becomingthe new RAW ambassador.


Drink to your health

Fernando Alonso joins the RAW motto "Drink to your health", with the aim of bringing the healthiest organic isotonic drink on the market to a generation of athletes and consumers increasingly concerned about what they consume.

This purpose has motivated the pilot to be part of a beverage brand for the first time , with which he finally feels identified: “RAW is the only isotonic drink that offers 100% organic and healthy hydration, without added sugars, finally giving an answer to a demand that does not stop growing. I share with RAW many essential values not only in sports, but as a life’s philosophy in general. Promoting a healthy lifestyle, taking care of ourselves and thinking or dreaming of a better future for everyone, is something really attractive that leads me to join this project. "

Common Values

RAW becomes the official drink of the driver, who will accompany him inthe Formula 1 World Championship in each race and inhis day to day.

“Working with professionalism, with courage, with passion and discipline and, above all, teamwork, there are many values ​​that I share with RAW. It is not just a brand committed to the quality of its product, based on 100% organic ingredients and sustainability in its production, but it also assumes the much-needed social responsibility of promoting a healthy diet that is accessible to all ”, explains the two times champion of the Formula 1 Drivers' World Championship and World Endurance champion.

The future is RAW

RAW Sport Drink is an innovative drink in the sector, which tries to respond to a generational change that seeks different ways of drinking, eating, traveling and communicating. Fernando is the clear example of the values ​​on which RAW is building itsbrand identity. Having Fernando's support gives us a great boost to continue promoting this philosophy of life and reach more people committed to health and the environment.

With RAW we are breaking down barriers and Fernando is going to push us to go even further.

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